OEM Customers

Many of our OEM customers require a custom preform design, and that’s no problem for our manufacturing team. Preforms can have custom shapes, wire and plumbing chase ways, and specific anchor points for screws or bolts.

Contact us at customerservice@preforms.com with your requirements and we can build your custom preforms as requested.

Here is what we need from you:

  • CAD file with hull, deck, and if available your current stringer layout.
  • If you have not yet designed a stringer layout call us, our PhD led engineering team can develop a collaborative design with your engineering department
    • We can discuss hull laminate thickness
    • Fabric requirements (24oz +/-45°, 36oz quad, 43oz triax)
  • From these discussions, we can provide you a Part quote and our Engineering set up fee quote. We can help you reduce weight and cost in your design and offer volume discount levels for quantity preform purchases.
  • There is typically a 6 week lead time from finalized design (engineering + tooling)

Give us a call to discuss your requirements: 321- 255-0399 office, just ask for Mike Canfield.