About Compsys

About Compsys

Compsys, Inc. proudly manufactures its patented PRISMA composite preforms at its 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Brevard County, Melbourne, Florida.

Since 1992 we’ve made hundreds of thousands of our patented PRISMA preforms for clients which are used in boats and marine craft, semi trailers, composite bridge decks, transportation, aerospace, rail, and many more end use products.

PRISMA preforms are the backbone of composite structures. Manufactured from high quality fiberglass knit fabrics and custom weight, closed cell flotation grade polyurethane foam that can meet any customer specifications.  Compsys PRISMA Preforms provide structural support without extra weight – reducing the cost of composite structures.  Available in stock sizes and custom shapes.  Browse our site and give us a call today to learn how Compsys can meet or exceed your needs.

“Compsys has been a great partner of Regal Boats for many years. I appreciate them and wish more of our suppliers had the characteristics that COMPSYS does”

Kim Moyer

Purchasing, Regal Boats